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In JuneErik was awarded the Stanley Weinstein Dissertation Prize for the academic years of by the Council of East Asian Studies at Yale University.

kuʻualoha hoʻomanawanui graduated in from the Department of Religion and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of English at UH Mānoa. The Stanley Weinstein Dissertation Prize was established in to honor Professor Weinstein´s many contributions to the study of East Asian Buddhism in North America.

The prize will be awarded once every two years to the best Ph.D. dissertation on East Asian Buddhism written in North America during the two previous years.

Stanley Weinstein Dissertation Prize The Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University is pleased to announce the third competition for the Stanley Weinstein Dissertation Prize, honoring Professor Weinstein’s many contributions to the study of East Asian Buddhism in North America. Frame your discussion with the individual using the five functions discussed in the text (record keeping, direct support of fundraising strategies, acknowledgements, reports, and targeted communications), finding out how the software used by your organization helps it handle the items mentioned in the last paragraph of page 73 in Weinstein.

Awarded the Trudeau Visiting Fellowship Prize (Visiting the University of British Columbia) (CAN $,). Grant, NDI for research on parliamentary communication, Uganda ($19,).


Awarded (with J Habyarimana, D Posner and J Weinstein) APSA Luebbert Prize for best book in comparative politics published in Bryan D. Lowe Receives Stanley Weinstein Prize for Best Dissertation in East Asian Buddhism The Yale Council on East Asian Studies has announced Bryan D. Lowe, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, the recipient of the Stanley Weinstein Dissertation Prize for best dissertation on East Asian Buddhism for the academic years.

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