Public policy dissertations

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The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

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Illustrative Topics for HPM Theses and Capstone Projects

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This control course meals shortcuts to environmental decision analysis and economics. This online public policy PhD program can prepare you to meet the challenges of governance and public service in the United States and around the world. Gain a detailed understanding of public policy theory, research, and practice in a global context.

Public Policy - Theses, Dissertations, and other Required Graduate Degree Essays Receive updates for this collection Defragmenting the System: Inter-Professional Collaboration for Meeting the Needs of Adolescents with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Issues in British Columbia.

ScholarWorks at Georgia State University includes Doctoral Dissertations contributed by students of the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Department of Public Management and Policy at Georgia State University. The institutional repository is administered by the Georgia State University Library in cooperation with individual departments and academic units of the University.

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Understanding shifts in Maltese Immigration Policy with regards to Third-Country nationals Vella Cleavon Interest Groups and Wicked Problems - Insights from Water Policy In Malta.

public policies and then to an adoption of public policy that reflects those preferences. The model of the policy process that I present in this dissertation is one which accounts for evolutionary change in traits relevant to governance institutions and.

Public Policy Dissertation One of the most important requirements of the Public Policy PhD Program is the completion of a dissertation: an original empirical project that makes a substantive contribution to knowledge about public policy.

Public policy dissertations
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