Princeton doctoral dissertations

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Princeton University Doctoral Dissertations, 2011+ (DataSpace)

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Ph.D. Dissertations. In Progress Completed in Completed in Completed in Completed in Completed in Completed in Completed in Completed prior to In Progress. DOMINGUEZ, Jesus Miguel - Cuatro vertices para un mapa del surrealism en Latinoamérica.

East Pyne Princeton, New Jersey Beginning fallnewly submitted Princeton University doctoral dissertations have been made available through Princeton’s institutional repository, DataSpace in the University Archives collection.

These full-text PDFs are freely accessible to researchers inside or outside of the Princeton University community. Note: some of the dissertations in DataSpace may be subject to a two-year.

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Master's Theses & Ph.D. Dissertations: Submission Guidelines

For graduate students who have passed the General Examination and advanced to doctoral candidacy, students focus their energies on original research work and significant contributions to knowledge in the field of East Asian Studies. The doctoral dissertation demonstrates the student’s capacity to pursue independent research at the professional academic level.

Princeton doctoral dissertations
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