Experimental design on plant growth

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Scientific Sessions. Session Phytology of Plants Plant science also known as Botany, phytology, or plant biology, is a branch of science that deals with the scientific study of physiology, growth and development, biochemistry and metabolism, transport and translocation and responses to biotic and abiotic stress of plants.

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Plant physiology is broadly classified into two metabolism, Primary. Botany and Plant Growth Science Projects. Use these experiments as described, or expand and modify them based on your own interests and imagination.

When selecting tree peonies it is important to think of the presentation of the plant when not in flower.

That will relate to the height (dwarf, medium, tall), the growth habit (conical, partially spreading, spreading), and the leaf type. Introduction to Experimental Design.

Plant Breeding and Genomics October 10, Author: Shawn C. Yarnes, The Ohio State University For example, total dry weight is more accurate than height as a measurement of plant growth, but in the case of a tree experiment, height might be more practical.

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Experimental design on plant growth
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